Solutions for Safety Lighting

Progtech is a company specialized in the design and production of LED lighting equipments. The know how of our technical office and the highly experienced planning team enable Progtech to design and produce customized LED solutions for safety lighting, a topic that is getting always more important nowadays.

The production of all our lighting appliances takes place in the 6.000 square meters headquarter of Bonate Sopra, near the city of Bergamo, in the middle of the Italian Alps. Here we make all the quality checks to keep the highest quality and reliability standards thanks also to the partnership with Cablotech, company ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Progtech also offers consultancy on safety in the work place, risk assessment and technical assistance in normalisation processes and drafting of all the necessary documentation, as well as turn-key lighting systems that comply with safety standards for the work place.

Progtech lamps, through the low energy consumption projection on the floor of lines and symbols, avoid the use of toxic paints on the floor, the continuous repainting and the consequent waste of material where necessary.

Progetch appliances are totally MADE IN ITALY.

Progtech headquarter
Luci di sicurezza per muletti Safety Bar 20
Proiettori di sicurezza per carroponte Safety Bar 30 EVO e HP
Proiettori Safety Bar 25 e Safety Bar 50 per percorsi e vie di esodo
Proiettori Mid e Mini Safe per la proiezione di simboli
Proiettori industriali per alte temperature THOR
Proiettori LED per ambiente esterni


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